Wednesday, 20 October, 2010



H stands for happiness and I have a friend whose name means the same. Considering myself lucky for having a friend like him , a thought ran across my mind.. I should write something about this friend of mine as he is so different from the other friends I have.!!

To start with , I shall thank the person who termed the word "Friendship". Let me now call this friend of mine as "happyman" who looks like or portrays himself to be happy. Most of the times i see him he always carries a smile on his face. Sometimes he resembles the yellow color smiley ball. Kinda Stressbuster!!!

I somehow feel everytime i have met this happyman , he has made me SMILE :)
Till today i haven't seen him getting angry even though he is irritated in the stupidest way. May be he is got the patience level on higher side or may be he is kinda "used to" for the irritating friends he is supposed to be with.
What i have learnt from happy~man's company is ...
Carry a smile on your face which is can be relaxing to a person who see's it
Keeping the Patience Level on the higher side
Rather than Thinking you gotta THINK FAST