Thursday, 18 October, 2012

My Strength - My Love

I seek the answer of you
Your Being and inner soul
I know none of your plan
As time before me unfolds
The answer lies in what you show me
The path of light or journey to dark
I believe in you to set me free
I believe that you teach me right
I believe in you as you are Almighty to me
I always want to sing and praise you
Of all the plans we made to come true
My future life is in the breath to which you are the air
My sight of future is in the eyes to which you are the light
The facts of my life to be set by you
In promise of you and your love
I now walk in circled dimensions knowing you are the centre
Strength Comes to me from you , Life is lively because of you 
You are my inner strength , You are my inner voice
Without you is void , Without you is a lifeless me

If I Die Young

If I die young .. talk to me all that lovely words !!
If I Die Young .. Wear that ring you got for me!!
If I Die Young .. Dress yourself the best and choose a best one !! :'(
If I Die Young .. You Stay young for all the love we shared !!
If I Die Young .. My Love You Live Old !!