Monday, 10 October, 2011

The "WHY"'s !!

Why is it that we still complain about little things ?
Why is it that we tend forget most of the important things ?

Why is it that we never forget to celebrate a FRIEND's Birthday?
Why is that we don't celebrate our own COUNTRIES birthday ?

Why is it that we tend to keep checking our Facebook Status updates ?
Why is it that we sign most of the online Petitions and do nothing about it ?

Why is it that a girl always has to listen to her parents ?
Why is it that a boy always has to listen to his girlfriend / s ? (:P)

Why is it that the boyfriend has to be bossed by his girlfriend ?
Why is it that the girl has to change her last name after marriage ?

Why is it that we fight for silly issues ?
why is that we ignore the most serious issue and later curse ?

Why is it that we give TIPS to the waiter though knowing he is paid ?
Why is that we hesitate to give a COIN to a beggar even after knowing ALMS are his source of income ?

Why is it that we are UNDERESTIMATED for  things we are bad at ?
Why is it that we are not PRAISED for things we are good at ?

Ending the "WHY"'s as below...

When will the above WHY's be answered !!!

Monday, 22 August, 2011

My Wait !!

Each day I meet someone new
but never find an another you

It's in my fate to meet you
I'm destined to be with you

I will meet you knowing nothing
Then on you will be my everything !!!

Em sure you will look special at the very first sight
And will remain special until my last sight

Waiting for you to be my every breath
To reside in my heart's deepest depth

Waiting not to just feel the spark
But to experience the firework

Waiting not to see myself in your eyes
but to find my existence in your heart

Waiting for the day to hug you
To feel that heart beat thru your chest
To know that each and every beat is mine

Waiting for the day to lay with you
With your arms wrapped around me
To feel safe , loved , complete !

Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

Let’s CUT , POISON and BURN the WAIT

Why wait till the last river is full of poison
Why wait till the last fish is cut
Why wait till the last plastic is burnt
Why wait till the last tree is cut

It’s high time to continue the wait !!!

Let’s CUT , POISON and BURN the WAIT …

Realize "Money" cannot be eaten!!
Go Green and Make India Clean !!!

Tuesday, 9 August, 2011

A Birthday Gift !!!

She's there to care for me
She's there to cry for me
She' there to make me cry
at the same time...
She's there to make me smile
She understands me much better

She knows the way i feel
She is the one who knows my every need...

There are times when she is my enemy
but most of times she is my every thing.

but i know she is 

She was there right from the start
Will be there till the end...

Without her i am incomplete...

Above words I dedicate to my naughtiest , beautiful , irritating , and most lovable sister on earth .."Ashu"

Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

Kannadigas : Too Late Too Realize

Ha Ha !! There i go .. i finally find some time to write some words to update in my blog...
Had been busy with so many things happening around me which were not so important according to me....
One interesting thing happened when i was on my way to office...
Scene 1:
My seat - mate :P ( as i travel through office bus i gotta share my seat willingly or unwillingly)
& My Self ( its said we should always count the donkey last :P)

Well i know this girl who shares the seat with me for almost two weeks.. we exactly travel some 25 mins together and i am always busy listening to morning raagas :).. it so happened that i was talking to my mom in Kannada and this girl ( well i still dunno my seat-mates name :P) asked me if i were a Kannadiga .. I said .. yeah i am a Kannadiga.. then she told that my kannada was different from what she is been hearing.... ( many of the times i get to hear this as i speak typical North Karnataka Kannada ).. i just smiled and said "yeah !! I know".. Now come'on i cant explain her or give details about my native or where i belong to ... and ha.. i forgot to mention this girl was a Malayalee... I did not ask her this bus i could make out from the typical curly hair and the hair style on it :)..
this is wat i heard '' Can you teach me Ganaada alphabets" .. i was like whaat !!!! and turned towards her.. there she was with a book and pen and asking me to teach her Kannada..
Well no doubt in what i did .. i wrote the first two alphabets of Kannada and asked her to practice and show me tomorrow :)

Scene 2:

Lunch Time at office
Overheard two girls walking beside me talking  like this..

Girl A to Girl B " You know what da .. Hindi people talk in Hindi .. Telugu people in Telugu , Tamilians in Tamil.. and i dunno why Kannadigas have to talk in English"

I was taken aback with these words..

I just stopped the girl and asked in Kannada " Hello Tamdu Yava Uru" she was like Excuse me .. I said " Nimdu Yava Uru" She said I am from Bangalore..

My next Question .. Taavu Kannadigara?? she said Howdu ..

I told her ... Girl B heltha iddiddana taavu tammanne yaake kelkobardu .. ( why dont you question yourself on what you were telling to Girl B)

She was like " I am sorry" i did not relaise

I told her .. Yeah i agree this is what We "Kannadigas" are missing .. Realization of your identity...

Many questions arose in my mind but answers to these questions was my TL's call asking the status ...

Sunday, 27 March, 2011

Rangoli Designs by me :)

Rangoli in front of my home on one of  the Deepavali Night
Before lighting the candles

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Monday, 21 March, 2011

On a Saturday ...

Well i remember reading in one of the newspaper that BMTC Buses are the mode of Transportation to Hell / Heaven and the Driver & Conductors are the "Yamdootas".

It was one of my happiest saturday as there was no MS classes that day. I was still in my cozy bed that i got a call from office saying there was an emergency activity to be taken care and i had to come to office in next hour. With no one to blame i cursed myself for choosing this IT lifestyle and got ready to go to office. Weekdays i take the office shuttles and since it was a weekend i checked with the Transport if there was any bus to office and i got a reply saying its after two hours. Rather than taking a cab and enjoying the fly-over drive I thought let me board the BMTC bus and enjoy the "FLY-UNDER" drive. I was lucky enough to get a 356C bus (not a volvo) and i boarded this bus and sat in the seat next to the second door. I and  the conductor exchanged smiles while collecting the tickets. I called my Mom and said i was on the way to office. Hearing my North Karnataka Kannada the conductor was happy and he started to talk to me. He knew i was a Wipro Employee and was telling my office was beautiful to look and he wanted to come and see it from inside once. I asked him on why was he so keen , he said he was a proud father of a girl child and he wanted her  to be an Software Engineer.

I just wanted to say him that you can ask your daughter to be anything other than SE , but seieng his interst and entho i was quite a good listener that moment. The bus gradually started getting crowded and by the time the bus reached "KOODLU Gate"  , there were some guys standing near the Door. The conductor kept on requesting them to get inside and not stand near the doors. By the time bus reached HOSA ROAD it was fully crowded and the driver had kept the back door open when it neared the stop. Once the bus left from  the stop , the driver closed the door and one of the guys head was almost between the door. I was in a shock to see this and immediately  the conductor asked the driver to open the door. Other passengers started shouting at the conductor for he not alerting the people that the door was being closed. Some guys started shouting at him with Slangs but none of them was concerned with the boy whose head was hurt. The conductor without listening to any of their words was talking to the guy who was hurt if he was ok or should he be taken to hospital. The guy said he was ok and need not worry. However the conductor was not convinced and he gave him 100 Rs and asked him to go to hospital. The guy denied the amount and got down at "PES" college.But the rest of the crowd still kept shouting at the conductor. The conductor lost his temper and in pure north karnataka style he said " *** Makla .. hudugan tali odadaithi antha nododu bitt adenro nan baiyatheeri.. tageeli enu kalagindu . ella devva ilisbidtheeni" means " Son of *!@#(*@#( .. instead of checking if the boy is hurt why u shouting at me .. if i allow my footwear to talk then all the ghosts that have obsessed you shall run away now". It was obvious for him to sAY THIS becuase inspite of he requesting the boy to leave from that door .. he was still standing there.

According to me the conductor was no way to blame in this. The bus was almost near my office and the conductor came next to me and said Rather than facing such situations i sometimes feel to run away from here and be at my place. You peoples life is a golden life. You have nice AC offices , salaries ... etc. I was still not responding to him and he said i wish i would have joined IT. While getting down the bus i said.. you only told about your thoughts but sometimes i feel to run away from this IT Life and lead a simple life like you and i dunno why but i had tears in my eyes when i said this. may be the tears were because i was working on a saturday or was it something else.

It just left with me one question .. what else can make me feel satisfied if i am not satisfied with what i have now.
I thought i was almost on the stage of getting settled.I want to thank that conductor who made me realize that i was not happy with what i had and even if i opt to lead a simple life i would not be happy ....

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Love !!!

Oh Love of mine..
With a song and a whine..
You’re harsh and divine..
Like truths and a lie..
But the tale end is not here..
I’ve nothing to fear..
For my love is hell of giving and hold on…
In the bright emptiness..
In a room full of it..

I feel the sunrise..
That nest all hollowness..
For i have the way to go.. not come…
And i feel so lonely ..
There’s a better place from this emptiness..
And that's right in your arms...