Monday, 31 August, 2009

My Life: Only Q's without A's

Day: Saturday 4.30 PM
Lecture: Comp Networks

Happended to pen down this as the class was a bit boring for me …The lecturer was explaining Protocols…LAN…Network…ALOHA…!!!. A question striked to my mind..
Q.1 “Hey..Did you know these words three years back?”
The only answer i had was ”Destiny plays its own game…”

I know this could not be the correct answer to the question but for me it was a convincing answer.

2004 JULY: Many of us enter the colleges with so many things in our minds..or can say with so many questions..or with aim and ambitions…but i was a bit different…I entered the college with no questions…with no aim..with no ambition…absolutely with a blank mind… A girl with no aim and ambition is now in one of the most reputed company… Funny right !!! Even i feel funny whenever i think about my first few days in college…I could not make it to any engineering college nor medical not because i had scored less , nor any financial problem…but for only one reason i never thought about my aims …or never Questioned myself ..what i want to be ??..Also i my parents never asked me about my aim or my wish…So as many of the parents do for a girl .(see that the girl gets a degree so that she will get a good life partner ) [especially in my hometown] dad being no different took the decison of sending me to get my degree in [Phy,Chem,Math] in the same college where he had completed his degree…Dad left me in the hostel and told me not to worry …You will shine in whatever you do …And not to worry about the college as many of the lecturers knew him very well as my dad was teh best student during his days…I just nodded my head and unpacked my luggage and settled up…First week i felt evry homesick but later got to know freinds…First month i went to our class but made no friends..I used to attend the classes ..finish and go to hostel..This was my routine…But it so happened that Chemistry department in our college introduced the concept of SEMINAR…The HOD who also was my dads professor asked if any one of us would volunteer to take the seminar ..None in the class of 116 volunteered…So HOD took the attendance register and called out ROLL NO 93 Ms Athani will take teh seminar tomorrow and you all are requested to attend the seminar. He then called me separately to his chamber and told ..Your dad was my fav student and i think so his daughter will be..I want you to take this seminar…I agreed without uttering a word and prepared for the seminar whole night…I called my dad and told about the seminar thing and dad said “I know you will do it …Just take it easy”…The next day i went to our classroom and was shocked to see no one in the class…I thought everyone has bunked the class as i am taking the seminar..I had tears in my eyes and eneterd the class room and started rubbing the board…I saw the attendar coming to me ..He said ” The class is shifted to HALL NO 4.” Hall No 4 was our function hall and i saw everyone was already present in there. I started the seminar with my introduction . Initially i was not audible but later i was able to control the whole class.I finished the seminar and then waited for questions ..I got some questions and i think i could solve them …And when i said THANK you..i could here claps …My HOD came to the dias and said …I am proud of you Athani !!! God Bless You my child and he kept his hand on my head … I dont understand why this happens but anyone keeps their hand on my head ..I feel happy ..I cant explain how i feel but thats the best thing that can ever happen to me …
I called my dad and told about the seminar..He said ” I know you will shine in whatever you do . I have confidence in you God Bless You my child”.On that night i had three questions in my mind..
Q2. Did i really shine ?
Q3. If yes then how long will i shine?
Q4. What is that confidence that my dad has on me ?
I still have not got the correct answer and still waiting for the correct A’s…

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Prabhuraj Moogi said...

You just made me remember my college days... and my seminar... (that was the best seminar at that time, many seniors were afraid of going to stage...)... impressed many lecturers with that :)

I too don't know but parents sometime have that faith, and they just believe us... strange but true.. good write up... keep writing....