Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

Kannadigas : Too Late Too Realize

Ha Ha !! There i go .. i finally find some time to write some words to update in my blog...
Had been busy with so many things happening around me which were not so important according to me....
One interesting thing happened when i was on my way to office...
Scene 1:
My seat - mate :P ( as i travel through office bus i gotta share my seat willingly or unwillingly)
& My Self ( its said we should always count the donkey last :P)

Well i know this girl who shares the seat with me for almost two weeks.. we exactly travel some 25 mins together and i am always busy listening to morning raagas :).. it so happened that i was talking to my mom in Kannada and this girl ( well i still dunno my seat-mates name :P) asked me if i were a Kannadiga .. I said .. yeah i am a Kannadiga.. then she told that my kannada was different from what she is been hearing.... ( many of the times i get to hear this as i speak typical North Karnataka Kannada ).. i just smiled and said "yeah !! I know".. Now come'on i cant explain her or give details about my native or where i belong to ... and ha.. i forgot to mention this girl was a Malayalee... I did not ask her this bus i could make out from the typical curly hair and the hair style on it :)..
this is wat i heard '' Can you teach me Ganaada alphabets" .. i was like whaat !!!! and turned towards her.. there she was with a book and pen and asking me to teach her Kannada..
Well no doubt in what i did .. i wrote the first two alphabets of Kannada and asked her to practice and show me tomorrow :)

Scene 2:

Lunch Time at office
Overheard two girls walking beside me talking  like this..

Girl A to Girl B " You know what da .. Hindi people talk in Hindi .. Telugu people in Telugu , Tamilians in Tamil.. and i dunno why Kannadigas have to talk in English"

I was taken aback with these words..

I just stopped the girl and asked in Kannada " Hello Tamdu Yava Uru" she was like Excuse me .. I said " Nimdu Yava Uru" She said I am from Bangalore..

My next Question .. Taavu Kannadigara?? she said Howdu ..

I told her ... Girl B heltha iddiddana taavu tammanne yaake kelkobardu .. ( why dont you question yourself on what you were telling to Girl B)

She was like " I am sorry" i did not relaise

I told her .. Yeah i agree this is what We "Kannadigas" are missing .. Realization of your identity...

Many questions arose in my mind but answers to these questions was my TL's call asking the status ...

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