Monday, 22 August, 2011

My Wait !!

Each day I meet someone new
but never find an another you

It's in my fate to meet you
I'm destined to be with you

I will meet you knowing nothing
Then on you will be my everything !!!

Em sure you will look special at the very first sight
And will remain special until my last sight

Waiting for you to be my every breath
To reside in my heart's deepest depth

Waiting not to just feel the spark
But to experience the firework

Waiting not to see myself in your eyes
but to find my existence in your heart

Waiting for the day to hug you
To feel that heart beat thru your chest
To know that each and every beat is mine

Waiting for the day to lay with you
With your arms wrapped around me
To feel safe , loved , complete !


Joker said...

Wait is sweet if outcome is good... Wish you find yours 'you' soon

Trailblazer said...

Nice one madam :) ..

Anonymous said...

Very Nice and Romantic one.Keep up the good work.....